Joint Resume

Gregory Frux & Janet Morgan


Our collaborative adventures have spanned six continents with substantial time in the Andes, Northern Rockies, Mohave

Desert, the American Southwest and wild lands in New York and New England.

In our travels, we create art that deepens the viewer’s understanding of these evocative landscapes. We present workshops

and lectures for travelers, educators and aspiring artists centered on interpreting natural terrain through art.


Artist Residencies:

Each residency we have held has inspired a body of artwork that was shared in programs for visitors, scientists and educators.

Residencies have included:
Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Glacier, and other U.S. National Parks
Voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic
The Appalachian Mountain Club, Omega Institute and Center for Symbolic Studies in the Hudson River Valley
For a complete list of residencies click Janet Morgan and Gregory Frux.

Classes, Lectures and Workshops:

While the core of our work is our creative output—paintings, drawings, etchings and artist journals-- we have also lectured widely on our own art-making, landscape interpretation and conservation issues. Following are some highlights of our teaching experience:
Working with City University of New York Geology Field School
at Death Valley National Park.
Ranger Talks for the National Park Service
Watercolor classes for adults and children
Presentations on sketching aboard polar cruises
Workshops on visual journaling for teachers at several universities      
Environmental art workshops about the Hudson River for Earth Celebrations
For a complete list of classes and workshops click Janet Morgan and Gregory Frux.

Awards, Collections, and Exhibitions

Our work has been recognized in diverse venues. These include:
Commissions by the City of New York to create original permanent art
Contributions to a portfolio of Antarctic paintings published by Theme Media and a portfolio of Brooklyn images for the Brooklyn Arts Council   
Exhibitions at two United States Embassies in Africa
Exhibition at Omega Institute’s Women and Power Conference in New York
Artwork in the collections of the National Park Service, the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, the American Museum of Mountaineering, New York University Thales Collection, etc.
Numerous solo and group exhibitions. Highlights include exhibitions at National Museum of Art of Kyrgyzstan, the Cordova Historical Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, New York City Department of Education, Long Island University, Brooklyn College and La Guardia College
For complete lists click Janet Morgan and Gregory Frux.