Northern Rockies

Layer-cake mountains spotted with snow, aromatic pine forests and swirling clouds invite us into the heart of North America. We've been to Yellowstone National Park in winter, availed ourselves of the Alpine Club of Canada's superlative hut system and Greg has been Artist in Residence in Glacier National Park. Work here involves hiking, dealing with rain and wind and finding a comfortable place to sit. Painting in the Northern Rockies isn't easy, but it is always rewarding…

Greg's oil paintings

couloir big

Janet's watercolors

couloir moraine lake janet
garden wall greg garden wall janet
moraine lake field bc
rogers pass swiss glacier
takakkaw falls   mt clements

Wapta Icefield Canadian Rockies

The Alpine Club of Canada has a hut system which provided beautiful lodging for little cost, high in the mountains.
We've worked with top mountain guide Dave Scott in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains.